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As you can see, the purpose of this site is to promote Tom Carhart and his writing. That's about it. Any information contained on this site, within the limits described below, is accurate.

Tom, of course, takes no responsibility for the accuracy or usefulness of any information contained in external websites that may be linked to this site, including reviews of his books. Furthermore, only reviews that Tom believes to be informative and of value in promoting his books are included as links on this site. There are, of course, likely to be any number of other reviews that he doesn't know about and hence hasn't included. If you are a reviewer and would like your review to be included as a link on this site, please contact Tom with all pertinent information and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tom also makes no guarantee that any of his books particularly those that are out of print will be available through the various links on this site. (This includes, Abebooks, and If his books are unavailable through these links, you might also try Barnes and Nobel (stores or online), eBay, and so forth.

Of course, if you link to other sites through this web site, you will find they have their own site and privacy policies. If, for instance, you use a credit card on Amazon or on Abebooks, how this is managed is governed by the site and privacy policies that pertain to those sites. Tom has no control over website pages other than his own and takes no responsibility for the content or policies of any site other than his own.

If you have any questions concerning this site, please contact Tom. You may use the form included on this website, or you may use the following email address:


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