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There's really not much to say here.

If you send Tom email, he will use your email address to reply to your inquiry. He may possibly send you an announcement when his next book comes out, but that's it -- unless, of course, you ask him not to.

He will not share your email address, your mailing address, your name, or any other personal information with any other individual or organization, unless, for some reason, he's required to do so by law. He does, however, reserve the right to share useful comments and critiques with his publisher, his agent, and other such individuals he may work with in writing his books.

Of course, if you link to other sites through this web site, you will find they have their own privacy and site policies. If, for instance, you use a credit card on Amazon or on Abebooks, how this is managed is governed by the site and privacy policies that pertain to those sites. Tom has no control over website pages other than his own and takes no responsibility for the content or policies of any site other than his own.

If you have any questions concerning this site, please contact Tom. You may use the form included on this website, or you may use the following email address:


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