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Profiles of Duty, Honor, and Country in Battle

By Tom Carhart

Warner Books (2002; paperback)

West Point Warriors (book picture)

Beginning with Sylvanus Thayer, "father" of the United States Military Academy at West Point, West Point Warriors, through the individual stories of more than 20 West Point graduates, illustrates the importance of trained, principled action in times of both war and peace. Describing heroes both famous and unsung, Carhart explores West Point leadership and the principles of duty, honor, and country from the time of the American Revolution through the beginnings of the war against terrorism in Afghanistan. Whether they be fighting at Little Round Top, Pork Chop Hill, the beaches of Normandy, the jungles of Vietnam or even grappling with the racism of the 19th century Army these remarkable men are seen, time and again, to embody the rock-solid principles of the remarkable institution that spawned their military careers.

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