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A Generation Offered Their Lives to America in Vietnam

 One Soldier's Story

By Tom Carhart

William Morrow and Company, Inc. (1987; hardcover)

Warner Books, Inc. (1987; paperback)

The Offering (book picture) 

The Offering is a first-hand, narrative account of Tom Carhart's year in Vietnam. (December, 1967 through December, 1968) As a young lieutenant fresh out of West Point, Tom joined the 101st Airborne Division, the Screaming Eagles. The Offering takes its reader through Tom's experience as an infantry platoon leader in the jungles of Vietnam, as commander of the Tiger Force -- a long range reconnaissance platoon (LRRP) -- as a participant in the CIA-backed Phoenix program, as an advisor to South Vietnamese troops, and as an American soldier whose French was good enough for him to gain access to the well-established French community in Saigon.

The Offering, while out of print, is available through used book dealers, and can be found through the links below:

The Offering on

The Offering on (American Book Exchange)



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Tom's other books include:

Battles and Campaigns in Vietnam (1984)

Battlefront Vietnam (1991)

Iron Soldiers (1994)

West Point Warriors (2002)

Lost Triumph (2005)




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