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By Tom Carhart

Bison Books

Published by The Military Press

Distributed by Crown Publishers, Inc.

Battles and Campaigns (book picture)

Beginning with Dien Bien Phu and covering American involvement in the Vietnam War, Carhart traces the history of thirty years of conflict in Vietnam. This is a hardcover, "coffee table" book with over 230 illustrations, many hand-selected by Tom from US Army archives. Chapters include Chopper War (Ia Drang Valley), Massive Power Pushes (Junction City), The Air War, The Naval War, The Explosion (Tet 1968), Retaking the Citadel (Battle of Hue), The Marine Corps Holds (Battle of Khe Sanh), The Cambodian Incursion, Lunge into Laos (Lam Son 719), The Easter Offensive of 1972, The Fall of South Vietnam, and Indochina Smolders On. The book examines how it was that America won the battles and yet lost the war.

Battles and Campaigns in Vietnam, while out of print, is available through used book dealers, and can be found through the links below.

Battles and Campaigns in Vietnam on

Battles and Campaigns in Vietnam on (American Book Exchange)



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